Wire Sawing

This type of sawing is done ideally for the areas humans can’t reach normally. The place may be under waters, bridges etc. This sawing involves heavy duties where thickness of the concrete is not an issue to think over.

This requires no human power to operate it personally going till the site as it is done by means of a pulley. To increase the cutting speed or depth/ range, pulleys have to be adjusted accordingly by expanding. Pulleys are operated with the hydraulic powered machines. Wires are kept against the pre-drilled holes for cutting on the concrete slab to be cut.

Ideal for the removal of large sections of concrete such as on bridges and viaducts or where access may be restricted. Wire sawing offers versatile cutting options where wires can be extended for almost unlimited cutting depths.

Wire sawing is an efficient method for:

  • Bridges
  • Viaducts
  • Reinforced columns