Resin/Anchor Fixing

Trafalgar offers the most effective and trained operatives to perform the fixings. We do it in two stages. First is for keeping the anchors and the second is to test the fixing by adding proper weights. After testing, we give certificate of conformity to the work basing on the calibration of the equipment. This imprints the uniqueness of Trafalgar constructions.

Drill > Hole cleaning > Keep Resin > Insert anchor/bolt > Let dry

For the process to start, we make use of anchor bolts/ screws (which may vary in size and shape as per the requirement) to fix in once drilling is done to the surface. Later, upon adding the resin, we let dry it in the holes and this gives firmness to the screws. Resins are added with the guns those differ with respect to the operation.

In some cases, we make use of typical installation that usually comprises of drilling with diameter holes of up to 1000mm that gives perfect positioning.

These fixings are used for placing starter bars and holding bolts.

  • Applications can be:
  • Fixing Rails
  • Telephone Masts
  • Bridge support etc

Trafalgar Construction have successfully completed many upgrades for major communication & Mobile Telephone companies in diverse locations throughout the United Kingdom. Trafalgar Construction offers a complete package to the client comprising of providing suitably trained operatives who can typically carry out an installation in a two day period as follows:

Day One:

Set out the configuration of anchors by means of a purpose made template as supplied by the client, this ensures 100% accuracy in (A) exact positioning & (B) verticality.

A typical installation would normally consist of drilling 12 45mm diameter holes to a depth of up to 1000mm into existing reinforced concrete base, install M38 all thread anchor with Lokfix S25 resin to manufacturer’s specification.

Day Two:

Return to site and perform a witnessed proof load test (20-30 tonne loading) to each anchor and hold for one minute, this equipment is calibrated and certified, a certificate of conformity is issued by Trafalgar Construction and left with the client for their records.

Resin fixings are used for inserting starter bars / holding down bolts so that large plant and equipment can be permanently fixed.

An efficient method for:

  • Anchor bolts
  • Bridge supports
  • Railway tracks
  • Telephone masts