Chain and Ring Sawing

Chain sawing is generally used for clear cuts but they cuts will be small and indeed deep. Chain saws can manage reinforcements of concrete, steel, granite and bricks giving the depth ranging upto 1m basing on the need.
Ring sawing is used for small jobs and also the places where restriction is applicable. They are mainly used at pedestrian path ways, window panes, bricks, concrete floors cuttings.
It gives neat cuttings. These saws are used in concrete cutting machines. They are easy to deploy as they are light in weight and size. As the machines are hand-held, they are efficient even in limited area operations.
These practices gives perfect shaping and deliver keen cuts avoiding over cuts. It promises clean corner cuttings. Our Ring Saws are designed so that we can employ the cuts upto 250mm in depth. To do so, we have professionals to deliver the cuts.

Effective in cutting for the following areas:

  • Windows
  • Door ways
  • Pipe cuttings
  • Joint expansions

Ideal for cutting straight lines where clean corners are needed and over-cutting is to be avoided.

The hand-held saws are quick and efficient to operate, and are useful for working in confined spaces.

Chain saws can cut up to 1m deep through brick, granite, concrete, heavy duty steel reinforcement bars and breeze block.

Ring Saws can cut up to 250mm deep through brick, granite, heavy duty steel reinforcement bars, breeze blocks and concrete.

Efficient methods for:

  • Doorways
  • Windows
  • Expansion joints
  • Limited access areas