Bursting and Crunching Concrete

Demolition of concrete masses is made by bursting and crunching methods. Bursting is often called hydraulic bursting as it uses hydraulic controlled machines to do the job. Bursting is ideally done for the solid concrete structures such as huge pillars, walls, and pile caps whereas Crunching is done at confined spaces where noise is restricted. Bursting is the most efficient and safe method and needs very less men power.

Crunching is a dust-free, hassle-free and doesn’t provide vibrations and require no water. Hydraulic power is applied across the jaws and hence crushing is made. Unlike the former drilling, this demands no pre-drillings.

Used for:

  • Concrete splitting
  • Stair case
  • Old constructions

Bursting is used for the controlled removal of large sections of concrete.  Powered by hydraulics that are inserted into strategically placed diamond drilled holes, the pressures exerted cause the concrete to break up quietly and relatively dust-free, ready for removal.

Crunching of concrete is often used in confined spaces where there is a need to limit noise, dust and inconvenience.  There is no need to pre-drill holes, it does not cause vibration and does not need water.

Efficient methods for:

  • Controlled demolition of pillars, concrete and walls where heavy equipment is impractical
  • Staircase removal
  • Premises that may be in continual use such as hospitals, factories, offices and hotels