Demolition/ Brokk Demolition

The primary requirement for any project to start is the clear site. We provide the safe and quick removal of the concrete block slabs either at the starting of our service or at the end for the next project. We do demolition using remote controlled machines (called Brokk machinery) so that no harm can happen to humans as the machine operator will be distant from the site. For the purpose, we use remote cameras and get the remote monitoring. Monitoring not only gives safe service but also the accurate all round surveillance.
Brokk demolition machine avoids Hand arm vibration as its efficient power to weight ratio gives easy navigation in the restricted and limited spaces sites and also tracks the upstairs. Our machine uses the demolition force of approximately 30 ton elevator. Such huge power and forces can save lots of time and money. They can be operated with both power and fuels as per the convenience.
We offer the machines in various sizes as per the job type.
The great advantage with this is the flexibility of the machines to work in the restricted places where humans can’t reach easily such as radioactive emission areas/ any high temperature is involved such as kilns/ coal mines etc.

Robotic Controlled Demolition

As site clearance is often an integrated part of customers’ projects, we provide a comprehensive controlled demolition service using remote control Brokk machinery to provide efficient, safe and fast removal of concrete from large and small scale operations, leaving a clear and structurally safe environment for the next stage of the project. Remote controlled demolition, with the operator at a safe distance, minimises danger from falling rubble and debris, avoids Hand Arm Vibration and allows access to areas not possible with traditional methods.

The Brokk’s impressive power to weight ratio allows accessibility within buildings and confined spaces – it can even track up staircases – whilst having a demolition force equivalent to a 15 tonne tracked excavator. It has exceptional punching and breakout forces and can demolish precise areas within a fraction of the time of traditional methods, delivering savings in time and money for the customer, and giving demolition contractors the opportunity to demolish profitably. Being electric powered, Brokk machines can be used in environments where fossil fuel emissions and engine noise are not acceptable.

Trafalgar Construction has an extensive fleet of Brokk machinery in all size ranges allowing us to tackle every type of demolition, from the delicate and precise demolition required for sensitive environments, to the largest demolition requirements where whole buildings need demolishing from the inside out so that nearby buildings are not disturbed, as they could be by conventional blow down methods.

Brokk Machinery – the advantages

Brokk machines make the workplace safer and with our range of Brokk Machinery, we are taking the HAVS extremely seriously. These machines are totally independent of the operator and therefore they offer not only zero HAVS but good all round 360 degree vision, the operators control the machine with the aid of a remote control box, which means that the operator can work at a safe distance from the point of works and falling debris or by an umbilical cable that is at least 10 metres long, which ever is used the operators safety is more secure than conventional demolition plant machines.

The biggest advantage with these machines is their capability of going in to hostile working environments such as kilns or radioactive areas offering completely safe working systems for the operative. In extreme cases remote cameras have been fitted to the Brokk machinery and the work done by means of a monitoring screen.

Internal Strip Out / Demolition

For refurbishment projects our internal strip out / demolition service using Brokk machinery is faster, cheaper and safer for Shop and Office Fitters.