Diamond Drilling

Varying diamond drilling depths can be achieved using barrel extensions. Cuts are accurate leaving clean sided holes.

All diamond drills have a water feed through the driving shaft ensuring a dust free environment.

Quick, clean sided holes can be achieved from 6mm to 1000mm diameter with diamond drilling.

Trafalgar Construction are capable of dry drilling holes up to a maximum width of 200mm. This is particularly beneficial when making retrospective plans for mechanical and electrical services.

Diamond Drilling provides efficient methods for:

  • Mechanical & electrical services
  • Telephone cables
  • Heating and pipework conduits
  • Shafts for ventilation (including air conditioning)

We have a number of horizontal, vertical and inverted diamond drills (for confined spaces) to suit practically any job.

Stitch Drilling


Trafalgar Construction offer stitch drilling – the use of a series of overlapping core holes to form openings in walls and floors.

Stitch drilling gives the ability to cut an unlimited size of opening or shape through any thickness of wall or floor.